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ANTIGONE  was an experimental staging of this classic play, inspired by Anne Carson’s translation Antigonick. Our interpretation incorporated haunting live music, projections, paintings, improvised movement and highly stylized performances. 

Antigone starred Vanessa Ogbuehi, Emily Hill, Mason Rosenthal, Anna Young, Morgan FitzPatrick Andrews, Eppchez!, Jenna Horton, and Asimina Chremos. I designed projections and paintings (cantestoria) and co-directed, in collaboration with Dan Rogers. Original music was performed by Myles Donovan (Disemballerina, A Stick and A Stone) and Lindsay Baukert (Destroying Angel).

Performances were staged November 18-20, 2016 at the Panorama art/theater space in Philadelphia.

Proceeds from Antigone went to the Youth Art & Self-Empowerment Project (YASP), raising more than $1400. Through its work in the Philadelphia jails, YASP provides space for incarcerated young people to express themselves creatively and to develop as leaders both within and beyond the prison walls. Young people who have been through the adult court system are at the forefront of YASP, leading the movement to keep teenagers out of adult prisons and to create new possibilities for youth around the city. For more info on YASP, visit

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