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BOUNDLESS: A COLLABORATIVE WORK OF EPIC THEATER, March 2014, Summer St. Theater, Providence, RI. I initiated, produced, designed sets and projections for and co-directed (with Sarah Lowry of the Missoula Oblongata) this ambitious production with a cast of over 40 performers. Boundless combined projections, dance, puppetry, theater and music on the theme of dissolving borderlines (between people, nations, life and death, etc.).

Scenes were created and performed by Sophie Wood (The Royal Frog Ballet, Western Mass), Eternal Cult (Minneapolis), Rick Burkhardt (the Nonsense Company), Eli Nixon and the Assembly of Light Choir. Dan Schleifer led a six-piece brass ensemble featuring members of the What Cheer? Brigade. Kristina Brown designed costumes and helped construct the set. 

Supported in part by a generous donation from RISCA - Rhode Island State Council on the Arts.

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