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Letter From Isolation

LETTER FROM ISOLATION (2019) is a screen-printed artist's book inspired by the West German revolutionary and journalist Ulrike Meinhof's “Letter from a Prisoner in the Isolation Wing, June 16, 1972 to February 9, 1973”. As a series of paper-cut figures and hand-written texts spill across its accordion-folded pages, it asks us to consider pressing questions of how language constructs identity, how a self survives in the absence of collectivity, what we are willing to give over to something greater...

Hand-printed and -folded edition of 6. 30 pages with museum board covers. 18 x 24 inches. 

Each includes a hand-cut and -painted papercut from the book's production process.

In scroll form, Letter doubles as a performance object, with live musical and narrative accompaniment, and has been performed at Kelly Writers House, and Rooftop Films, with musicians Anais Maviel, Myles Donovan and Spires That In the Sunset Rise.

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