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LONG/GONE - Over 100 feet in length, Long/Gone is a single intricately-cut piece of paper.The piece flows freely from image to image, while narratives and scenarios (often drawn from classic works of literature from Homer to Dante) emerge, collapse, and spill over and into each other. Philly Voice calls it “stark, intricate and wondrous – Ruin’s paper-cut art combines the enthralling fantasy of a storybook with the prismatic, fragmented beauty of a stained-glass window.”
In performance, Ruin scrolls the paper-cut continually across the surface of an overhead projector, creating an epic and immersive shadow-show, while musicians provide a live soundtrack.

Long/Gone has been performed with accompaniment ranging from the guitar/drums duo of Marisa Anderson & Janie Black to doom-jazzers Dead Neanderthals to the solo cello sounds of Helena Espvall of Espers.

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