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Witches & Mad Prophets

WITCHES & MAD PROPHETS (2012)- This collection of 13 unique offset prints depicting heretics – individuals persecuted by religious authorities for the nature of their being or belief – I curated and offset printed. Twelve other artists participated in the project, including Justseeds members Dylan MinerMazatl, and Bec Young. There were originally 350 portfolios made, including a cover designed and printed by hand.


The full list of artists includes:

  • AMTK – the Calusari

  • Bec Young – Giordano Bruno

  • Charlotte de Sédouey – Brethren of the Free Spirit

  • Corina Dross – the Benandanti

  • Dylan Miner – the Diggers

  • Erik Ruin – the Münster Rebellion

  • Ian Cozzens – Joan of Arc

  • Katrina Silander Clark – the Madonna Oriente

  • Lee Relvas – Marguerite Porete

  • Mandy Katz – Biddy Early

  • Mazatl – Carlos Chichimecatecuhtli Ometochtzín

  • William Schaff – the Werewolf of Livonia

  • Xander Marro – Salem Witch Trials

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